Monday, July 11, 2011

May 2011, Florida Photos Galore(Anniversary and Taylor's Birthday Trip)

It is now our family tradition to go to Florida in May for our anniversary (the 15th) and taylor's Birthday (the 16th). This was the 3rd year in a row we've gone, and the 2nd time we've taken the girls (last year we went alone, and went to Jacksonville Beach because of the oil spill.) My mom and dad decided to take a small trip in April down there and ended up falling in love with Fort Walton as much as we did. Since it was our anniversary weekend, my parents decided to come down again so they could keep the girls for us one night while we celebrated (My parents rock huh?) Chelsea came along with my mom and dad too. Since we were all going, and Michael had a couple weeks off school, Michael and his wife LeeAnn (Who is pregnant right now also!!! And due the day after Madison's 3rd birthday!!!!) decided to come as well.  The way we planned it worked out PERFECTLY.  Michael and LeeAnn drove down Tuesday or Wednesday and had a day or two to themselves.  Then My mom and dad drove down thursday morning.  We drove down late thursday night.  Everyone but us left on Sunday and we came home on Tuesday, so we had a good couple days to ourselves.  We also all stayed in the same hotel right on the beach on Okaloosa Island. We got great deals on our hotel room also through name your own price.  We paid less than 1/2 the rate on our rooms.   

The trip was just long enough too... A day or two longer would have been great too.  But last time we went, we were only there for a weekend I think... It's like as soon as you get there you're leaving again.   So this trip was perfect as far as I'm concerned.  And i think everyone else had a blast, besides Chelsea's and Michael's Sunburns. And it's only a 7 hour drive.  Not too shabby. Anywho - Photos now!

As soon as we woke up on Friday we were at the Beach!
 First day on the beach, Madison was very unsure of the water... Taylor loved it.
 Mamie and Papa with Madison making a sandcastle

 We buried the girls

 Madison loved being buried
 Made chelsea into a mermaid... with some big boobies ;)

 Michael doesn't know how to evenly apply sunscreen... hence the crazy sunburn on his chest
 The dolphin cruise, the girls LOVED it!
 LeeAnn (michael's wife) Michael, Chris and the girls
 A real Pirate ship

 So excited for the cruise, they loved it.

 We saw a ton of dolphins... it was fun.
 Photo time, I think i drive the girls nuts sometimes with all the photos... oh well.

 That pouty lip cracks me up

 Daddy's Girls... Taylor slipped and fell at the splash park in our hotel and scrapped up her cheek pretty bad... you can see it here.

 The moon was gorgeous!
 Eating at the SHED!  It was some of the best food I've ever had and very cheap. Definitely a must for anyone visiting Destin.  It's down at the boardwalk.

 The girls really enjoyed the Gulfarium. The seals were way cute, and the dolphins and other animals.

 Chris insisted on taking the camera from me... then took photos of my butt. It is my better side ;)



 my pearls

 There was a boy and girl dolphin in the show we saw that are boyfriend and girlfriend. So we bought a boy and girl dolphin and named them Princess and Zach after the dolphins in the show.  The girls think the dolphin was named after their cousin. 

I love taylor's hair here.

 We all got airbrushed tattoos... the girls loved them... but I couldn't get a good photo of theirs.  Here's mine.
 Our last day we flew kites.  The girls had a blast with the kites. Madison's is the yellow one and Taylor's was the butterfly

Family Foot prints... Chris, keaven, Taylor, Madison 

 Daddy's Girl
The full moon was gorgeous.  I was trying to get a better picture of it, but it ended up looking like a lamp or something.  Oh well... That is the moon. 

Our first sand castle as a family. 

Our Family foot prints again. 
My sand Castle... I worked hard on it. 
Stompin on my castle 

 A little boy sitting not far from us came to help destroy all my hard work ;)
 The water was crystal clear our last day... it was gorgeous.
 Leaving... so sad.

We had a blast in Florida.  Fort Walton is a gorgeous little town just east of Destin and we love it there. We've decided once our kids move out, and we've retired, we're moving there.  Then family can come visit whenever they want. I can't wait to go back too.  I'm praying for another trip before the end of the year, but we may have to wait til next year.

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