Thursday, October 20, 2011

The house hunt

We are officially on the hunt for our first home! This is so exciting, I could pee my pants. I am SO glad to finally be at this point.

I've been scoping out houses online for atleast the past year and a half. Every month or so I'll check to see if my perfect house is for sale or not. I'll email the best ones to Chris to get his opinion. But the timing has never been quite right.

2 weeks ago I had had enough. I am SO SO over apartments. I called Chris and told him something had to change or I was going to go crazy. I had to have something to look forward to, to feel like we're moving forward and not stuck in this limbo of renting - not owning. I told him about a house I'd found online that was a great price in a the perfect neighborhood. He said go ahead and call the agent to view it. It was finally time for us to set the wheels in motion!!!  SO I called the agent.  3 times.  We never heard anything back. Needless to say I was disappointed. But I didn't give up.

I had seen that the house across the street from the one I called about was actually for sale as well. So after the first agent ignoring me (I'm going to leave a bad review online for the guy. he made a big mistake... HUGE) I found the number of the agent for the second house. I called him and we spoke about the second house. We set up a time to go and view the house. The agent also gave the name and number of a lender, so I called her. We found out that we were preapproved for the house we were going to view. It was a such a relief to finally be working towards this and not just talking or dreaming about it.

We went to view the new house today. It was a very cute, nice house. There were a couple little issues I had with the house, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. I was not convinced that this was my house though. I told the agent we needed to think about it, pray about it, and we'd let him know. Before we left he handed me some papers with other houses listed in the same area for near the same price. One of the houses stood out to me immediately. It is exactly what I have pictured in my mind for months now when I see our home. It has all the features we've been looking for (except a fence, but we can get one) We are going to view this new house tomorrow. I'm almost certain, if the inside looks like the pictures I've seen, we'll be making an offer on the house.

Here's a link to what will hopefully be our new home:

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