Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had such a great weekend. I did forget my camera all weekend long so I am going to rely on my mom and mother-in-law for pics of my girls.

Friday was a bit of a crazy day... I had so much to do and was trying so very hard to get it all done.  I ended up driving to Chattanooga as soon as Chris got home.  We got there at like 8:30 p.m. Me and Taylor and Madison and Cayce and Atilla all went to Qdoba to eat- delicious. Then we went to a yogurt shop where you pay for your frozen yogurt by the weight... So you put in your frozen yogurt, and add all the toppings you want. They had cereals, gums, candies, nuts, fresh fruits... It was crazy. But SO good.

After our fun night out we went back to Cayce and Atilla's house. The girls then taught their aunt and uncle how to play hide-n-seek and duck,duck, goose. Mashalla (cayce and atilla's 70+lbs golden retriever) decided to join in on our duck, duck, goose game.  When we sat in a circle, she came and sat down too... the girls would tap her on the head also.  When someone was called goose, Mashalla would jump up and chase those running, then sit back down when they sat down.  We turned on Enchanted and decided to sleep out on the couches.  Taylor adores Mashalla and had her hand hanging off the couch on night petting Mashalla, who would NOT leave taylor's side. They have a bond. I wish so badly we could have a dog again, but we've decided we're not going to have one in an apartment again. Too hard!

So anyways, Saturday Morning at 4 I woke up and drove back home to Antioch! Thank you to my new Ipod (my anniversary gift I got a month early!) for keeping me awake with your rocking tunes. When I got home I couldn't help myself and crashed a bit more.  I also found out that Chris had gotten very sick Friday night.  He wasn't going to be able to make it out at all Saturday, so i got the girls ready and drove up to my mom's and dad's for their ward's Easter Egg Hunt.  We had such a sweet little activity beforehand where the girls learned about Jesus's last day before the crucifiction. I didn't think they were listening, but on Sunday during Sacrament Taylor was explaining to me about the last supper and such! I was surprised. Anywho - They had the egg hunting area sectioned off into 2 sections, one for the younger kids, one for the older.  When we tried to get madison over the younger kid side, she proceeded to throw the biggest hissy fit. She threw her basket down and refused to touch an egg.  She just knew she did not belong with these "younger" kids.  She's too big for that! After a short talk in the car she was happy again and joined in on the egg hunt.

After that, me and Chelsea took the girls to the mall to see Mr. Easter Bunny himself (or herself rather.) I was surprised to see there was NO line.  Guess everyone was at other Easter activities. I didn't think the girls would do that well, and was prepped for struggling to get a decent picture, but Taylor jumped right up in her lap and maddie was willing to shake her hand and talk with her, though not sit with her.  So I held madison and we got a Great photo.

This is getting long... I'll try to wrap it up.  After that me and my mom went grocery shopping so I could show her some of my couponing ways. At publix her total was over $220... she paid $69.  She was so excited and it was fun to help her figure out how to do this!

We didn't get back home Saturday until 9 I think... the girls were passed out in the car so I put them to bed and then went to Wally World to get the fixins for Easter Morning. I finally got the baskets done and went to bed pretty late.  The girls somehow made their way to our room overnight without seeing any of their surprises. So bright and early, we got the girls to come check out what the Easter Bunny had left them.  They were so excited and played with all their goodies.  I think that was the first Time Chris had been up since Friday where he wasn't going to the bathroom, poor guy.  After some napping, I got the girls ready and we went to church. It was a great sacrament meeting with good songs and testimonies of Christ.

Then Nursery and Primary.  Taylor was supposed to give the spiritual thought.  They said to just have her say her favorite Scripture, so we read a few easter ones and picked one we thought she could do.  We practiced for a few hours Sunday morning with me explaining that the kids would be looking at her, but she could just keep looking at me so she didn't see them... She did so well sitting up in her spot by herself, she sat so reverently and looked so cute, I about teared up.  Then she did a good job walking to the podium, where she looked down, and wouldn't say or do anything! So I did end up sharing Taylor's scripture, but I was still proud... There were no tears and she was so brave on her first opening exercises assignment.

After 2nd hour we went home, got changed and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  The girls were SO excited to see jamie and Katie... (I think they think they're sisters like they are.) We went over to GrandMother's where both my girls gave Grandmother a few hugs each.  I was blown away... This has NEVER happened. They're usually terrified of her.  But my girls are growing up. ;)

After some delicious dinner (seriously... I had seconds, and thirds.) we went out for the Easter Egg hunt. Taylor found the golden egg!  The girls also scored a bunch of delicious candy bars that I will be eating this week. The girls loved playing with their cousins, and Aunt Jamie's puppy dog, charlie. I'm really wishing we had a house and could get one.

Anyways, I was EXHAUSTED when we finally got home.  We had a FULL weekend to say the least, but it was so good.  The only thing that would have made it better was if Chris was there for all of it. But he is feeling better finally and went to work today.  Besides a couple trips to the bathroom, I think he's over this bug. I pray he is... It was not fun doing it all alone this weekend.  And I think we have a tradition going where one of the two of us is sick on holidays... We gotta cut that out.

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. You guys have been SUPER busy!! That makes for a good holiday though! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you guys. Happy Easter! I almost typed happy eater...

  2. I was a happy eater yesterday at your mom's! Dinner was so good.

  3. Haha! I would have been right there with you. I miss some of those good southern dishes!


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