Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Work

Last week I stumbled upon a website (  and after a while of playing around on the website, I realized that this is what I need.  So, I went and bought the book "Loving what is" by Byron Katie. It came in the mail Friday. I was swamped this past weekend and so I just finished the introduction. And I am WAY excited.

The Work is all about changing the way you think. Realizing what is truth, and what isn't.  There are 4 questions you use to analyze your thoughts to figure out if they're truth or not and how to change them. I'm probably going to write alot more about it as I go through and read the book. But I just wanted to share the website first... it has a great little download where you can get the pdf of the "little book." It is an excerpt from "Loving What Is." You can also download the neighbor worksheet and other stuff to help you get started on your "work."  Everything on the website is free, and I actually purchased the book on ebay for only $11 including shipping, so not a huge investment.

Here's a video example of The Work:

Okay, so anyways, I'm back off to do homework now... Lots of it to do this week before school is over... so hopefully I won't waste too much time on here til that's done! So yeah, I'm gonna go now, and work on that til I pass out for the night.  Check out that website.  Do it!

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