Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kids say the Funniest things

I don't like the word darnedest.... weird word.

But lately my kids have said some pretty crazy stuff.

This morning Madison told me "I have lots of songs in here (pointing to her stomach.)" She's always making up songs for everything, so I'm guessing that's what she means.

Last week the girls spent the night at my mom (Mamie)'s house.  My parents had been to Florida a week or so before and my mom was way sunburned. Her legs had started to peel.
Taylor: What's that?
Mamie: I'm sunburned. I'm peeling.
Taylor: It feels like paper.
Mamie: Yup. It does. (starts peeling her legs)
Taylor: Can I do that?
Mamie: I guess.
Taylor: I'm gonna peel you like a banana!

She also asked my mom if she knew what you had when you have alot of x's.
Taylor: You've got a Pirate Problem.

Anytime Taylor sees a tree without leaves she starts laughing and says "That tree is naked! NAKED TREE!"

Taylor has one of the oddest accents I've heard in a kid... one second she's as southern as can be, the next she sounds like she's from Chicago or New York. One of the weirdest words to hear her say is Daddy.  It comes out sounding like "Deity."

Last night at dinner me and Chris were talking to the girls. I asked Madison who she would marry when she grew up. "A Prince." Will he be tall or short? "Tall." Taller than daddy? "Yeah." Will he have brown hair or blonde hair? "Black hair" Blue eyes or brown eyes? "Green eyes"  She knows what she wants. She's also said she's going to have one kid, and she'll stay at home with it.

My girls are too weird, but I love it. Who couldn't absolutely adore those two?

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