Monday, November 28, 2011


Baby Max's blessing day...
Michael gave a gorgeous blessing... It really was awesome.

 After Max was blessed we all went to Michael and LeeAnn's place for some refreshments... they were SO good.  I couldn't stop eating, as always.

 Some closeups of the main man!
 I love this next one. He's absolutely beautiful!
 And so is this little girl!
 The happy little family
 Mamie and papa and 1/2 their grandkids!

 The kiddos
 The girls absolutely adore max. They're so excited to have a little cousin to play with (on mama's side.)

 I love these pictures of Max sleeping. he's such a little angel.
 I was able to catch a little grin... LOVE IT

 Then Taylor took over my camera... Some of these pics are out of order, but this one of my dad was one of T-bones shots.
 Then Taylor got to hold baby Max.
 Then more by taylor...

 Then almost all the Taylor clan...

 The taylor parents.
 The GRAND parents

 The Hassler Parents
 see... out of order... Why did that happen?

 Madison was SO proud to be holding Max, and after insisting on a baby sister pretty much since she could talk, she's finally said she'd like a baby brother as well... we'll see what happens Moo.
 here's another photo by Taylor... not bad...
 and more... Mom, this should be your FB profile pic... no one would mess with you... ever!

 These are still taylor's pics, but this next one is a painting of Jesus that my mama did... it's a huge gorgeous painting. We all love it. My mom used a Dan Fogelberg cd cover as her inspiration
 more by taylor...

 more by taylor
 and last... baby Max and his mama! 
We're so excited to finally have a nephew in our family. And he is a sweetheart! We all adore him. 
Yay Max!

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  1. OH my! It's Michael reincarnated.. except, Mike is still alive. o.O
    I LOVE your girls' dresses. At first I just noticed Madison's, and then I saw Taylor's, and think it's just as adorable. I DID NOT recognize Kyle! It wasn't until the family picture I figured out who he was. Haha. Great pictures! LOVE the painting by Mama T!!!! Is she selling these things? She needs an Etsy store, right?!


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