Thursday, November 17, 2011

The new blogger is throwing me completely for a loop. Guess I'll get used to it.

Just wanted to post that we talked to our realtor yesterday and we heard some amazing news. The bank, after a few small changes to the closing costs situation and taxes or something or other, will be approving our offer on our first house! I hoped and prayed and Chris even fasted that this would happen, but I still had my doubts that they would accept our offer, mainly cause it was low.  $15,000 lower than the asking price on the house, which was already $20,000 less than the current owner listed it for which is $5,000 less than he paid for it. So yes, it's an amazing deal! They asked that we move up our closing date. We had asked for a closing date of Jan 20th at first since our lease is not up on the apartment until jan 27th. They asked for a closing date of Dec 30th (What's this mean for our taxes?) We've decided to just pay out the rest of our lease on the apartment rather than try to mess with it. So we'll be moving the very first of the year.

Along with this good news, we've had some craziness with Chris's work and ins.  All of last year we paid for a family health ins. plan through chris's work. In october, when his work renewed the plans, our premium dropped down A TON! We had been told it'd be less, but we didn't realize it'd be that much less. Either way, we saw it as a blessing and didn't say anything. That is, until I realized my name is not listed on the cards, or paperwork anywhere. So I called and asked if I was on the plan. Nope. And I never was. They found the error in October when the plan was renewed and neglected to tell us that we had over paid by a few thousand dollars last year since the plan was just Chris and the girls, without me. Chris's boss called our contact at the agency and they are bending over backwards to get us our money. We figure a few people could lose their jobs over this because the Ins. company is being so amazing about it. And seriously, when are ins companies ever bending over backwards for their customers?

This refund of our ins. money times perfectly with us getting the house... almost like someone planned it. And maybe they did. The way I see it we have someone watching out for us and we're on the right path for our family. We're so excited to be moving into our new home in a month and a half.  We'll also be passing around a sign up sheet for our family and friends to volunteer to help us move ;) Just kidding... but seriously... we'll need help ;)

I think this'll be the first year I am praying we DON"T have a white Christmas!

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  1. That is amazing news! So excited about your house. Hoping everything works out great from here on out.


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