Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4

Today I'm grateful for date nights. Me and Chris were able to go out last night and have some dinner and a movie. Though I felt sick nearly the entire time, it was so much fun just being able to enjoy each other's company and to be reminded a bit that we're not just mom and dad.

We had a much better night than they did!

There was a little bit of blood and a little bit of puking in the film we saw. I was leaning my head on Chris's shoulder and when those scenes came up, Chris would raise his arm to cover my eyes and shield me from the grossness. It was pretty sweet. Chris is anything but a sap, but he has his moments.

Also thank you to John and Krystin for keeping the girls for us so that we could enjoy some time together. And sorry Chris forgot to set back the clocks and was there before 7 this morning ;)

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