Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Non-Shopping

So, Last night me and Chris went out to Opry Mills to go Christmas Shopping. He's already got his gift for his brother... I got his other brother's name and have no idea what to get him. But on to my story. Me and Chris told each other EXACTLY what we each want for Christmas this year, so there's really no guess work. We went to Old Navy and I picked out a hoodie I've wanted, handed it to Chris and he paid for it. Then we went into Game Stop or whatever it's called, picked out what games we want (we're each getting one), paid for them and walked out. Chris was saying he wished it was this way every year. I don't... I kinda miss the excitement of shopping for the other person. So this is my first definition of NON-SHOPPING.

Next, On to the toy stores to shop for Taylor, or not. We didnt' get anything for her. We couldn't decide. There are so many freakin toys, I have no idea what to get her. I don't want to just get toys that make noise (that rhymed) or things just to keep her busy... I want things that will help her learn and grow! And to me it seemed that Chris was just as overwhelmed as me if not more! We just walked around and looked. I held up some toys to Taylor to see if she would get real interested in them or not... She got into everyone but I think that's just her age! Everything is new and exciting. So how am I supposed to know what she would like best. This is my Second Definition of NON-SHOPPING!

Also, does all that baby einstein stuff actually make your baby any smarter? I doubt it honestly. I don't think all the little baby computers and junk really help any. Isn't it really about your own interaction with your baby? So then... Do I buy her the baby einstein stuff or what? I'm so confused about all this. Only 26 more days to figure it out. Gosh.

We did end up going to Best Buy afterwards to finish up a little shopping for Me and Chris. He got a cd (two actually, but only one was for christmas!) and I got the movie "Say Anything." (For those of you who don't know, I'm in love with John Cusack.) While we were there chris asked if we could look for a cd for taylor. We ended up getting two Disney cd's with songs from the movies on them. I'm actually pretty excited about them. It's something she can have and enjoy for a long time. I guess it's a start. I am just at a loss for what else to get her. Maybe some blocks! But what kind? Does she really even need any toys? Anywho... I guess we will figure it out. Til then, I hope your all having better luck at shopping than us!

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