Monday, April 7, 2008


So... I don't hit my daughter, I promise, but every once in a while, I'll tap her hand to get her attention. I call it popping, but I really don't smack her hand... I promise. :) Anyways... today she was throwing her lunch on the floor, or just straight up feeding it to the dog. I told her to quit like 20 times. She understands... believe me... Cause when I tell her to quit feeding sady, she jumps and puts her hand up to her mouth like "I don't know what you're talking about... I"m eating my food!" So anyways... I finally told her to stop or I"d pop her hand! She looked right at me and smiled all big and said, plain as day, "POP,POP,POP,POP,POP,POP!" I've never in my life heard her say POP. She's been talking so much lately... just learned to say ByeBye this weekend. But I still can't believe it when she says something I can understand! So... as aggravated I was at her not eating, and feeding what she didn't want to the dog, I couldn't help but smile and be as proud as can be that my baby is learning and growing. Now the pregnancy hormones are kicking in and i want to cry... My little baby isn't such a little baby anymore.

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  1. Oh No!! Ha ha she is going to be sassy!! Thats funny though. She is so cute!!! How are you feeling these days?


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