Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pregnancy Pain

So this will be one big complaint! Sorry... Just need to vent.

I am in alot of pain right now and since I'm pregnant, I can't take any of the wonderful drugs God gave us to rid us of pain. :( First, my belly is growing and getting to that really uncomfortable stage where I have to shove my belly over to roll over to the other side of my bed at night. I hate when I get that big. How are you supposed to feel good about yourself when you're like that? Then, I've got Kidney Stones... they are hurting bad right now. Not bad enough to do anything about, but bad enough to make me mad. And I've got Kid Knees all over my belly... Thank you taylor and baby number 2! I get hit and kicked on the outside and the inside now! Oh, and there's a pinched nerve in my butt. It's right behind my right hip, just a bit lower... and chris won't rub it for me... He has no problem with my butt any other time :) I'm just teasing... but it hurts... my whole hip hurts and when I walk it shoots pain down my right leg. Maybe I should go to Dr. FeelGood (Brother Thompson) and get it fixed... but I don't have time right now. He is my home teacher though, maybe he'd make a house call. Anyways. I've also got an upset stomach from who knows what (any one of the numerous things about could be causing it, or it could be a whole new issue like a cold or stomach bug.) I've got a headache from thinking about all the stuff I've got to do... and can't motivate myself to get up and do anything cause I feel so bad. Oh well... I do try to avoid caffeine when I'm pregnant (don't always succeed) so I might go get me a Dr. Pepper and see if that could help motivate me to get some stuff done. Sorry to be complaining so much. I'm not sad or unhappy right now... Just hurting a little... But there are great things to be excited about also.

Taylor took her VERY first steps on Sunday over at chris's parents house (two tiny steps) and then last night she kept taking like 3-4 steps in between me and chris. :) My baby will be walking soon, and I won't have to carry her as much which is great because it's getting harder to do with my belly growing. So we're very excited... and I think we may go to chuckie cheese tonight with matt and candace and john and krystin (if they go) and I'm excited to see what taylor does and if she likes it. She isn't too young is she? Oh well. So anyways... I'm excited, like I said. And we find out what we're having two weeks from thursday so as soon as I get those pics, I'll post them up. And taylor's birthday is coming up soon (dang, I've got to do invitations) so anyways. Fun stuff. Hope that ya'll have fun stuff even if there's bad too!

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