Monday, April 28, 2008

Hormones are better :)

So, my hormones were at a peak last week. They've faded now a bit. I can still be a tad bit over emotional over things (::cough, cough:: Sady) But I'm much better. The unknown baby in my belly has been making himself/herself known. I don't think I've had a 10 minute period since Friday where I haven't felt a kick, somersault, or some other movement. This kid is fighting for my attention :) Makes me proud. At first I kinda figured maybe this kid would be really laid back (maybe I'm thinking he/she'd be like lily more since I see taylor as more like will.) I thought since taylor was so active in my belly, this kid would be lazy. But OH NO! This little one is making his/her presence known. He/She doesn't want to be forgotten. And I can't wait til we find out what it is and I can quit typing both sex everytime I talk about him/her. But back to the topic, This little baby knows that mommy needs to get to know that little personality as much as I can right now. So he/she is showing off. Anyways.

Last week we went to Chuck E. Cheese for Will's 2nd birthday! It was fun. I was afraid a bit that me and chris would have more fun than Taylor, but this wasn't the case. Taylor had a blast (as the pictures below will show.) Me and chris did too. I thought it was funny though, that chris bought the tokens, and then divided them in half for me and him. "What about taylor?" "We can each give her 2, I guess." LOL. He was so excited to go play :) I was too though. But I was also crazy excited to see Taylor ride all the fun stuff there. We'll have to go back soon. I think we may go out for pizza at the Family Fun Center for Taylor's birthday on the 16th of May... they have a few little rides there, and more fun stuff for older "kids" as well :) But it won't be her party, just something to do since her REAL party won't be for like 2 weeks after her birthday. It will probably just be me and chris... maybe chelsea and kyle too. I'm so excited about her party. I can't wait to start sending out invites and getting stuff ready for it. So here are those pics:

Taylor got SO upset when we took her out of the rides. :( She loved them so much.

I also last week made will a blanket/car mat for his birthday. I meant to take a picture of it to put on here, but I forgot. It is a Cars Movie print on the back, with buttons (kinda like a tie quilt) to keep the fabric from shifting. THen just plain white cotton on the front. Then I used puff paints to do a little town on it. It had a Gas Station, School, Barber Shop, Fire Department, Police Department, Lily's market, A church, and Old McDonald's farm. Then it has a few houses, one for Mayor Will, One for Grandma and Grandpa Neely, and One for Grandma and Grandpa Townsend. I was kinda nervous about how it would turn out but I think it did okay. I'm going to make a few more I think (It was easier than I thought it would be,) Maybe one for lily, taylor, and Isaac. Anyways. That's all I got for now, and sady and taylor need breakfast! I'll write more later!

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  1. gosh Keaven I could just squeeze her. She is so dang cute!!!! when do you find out what your having?


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