Tuesday, July 15, 2008

9 weeks!

So, I guess it did take me a while to post the last post... I don't know why but I just didn't feel like posting anything. Sorry. But here's a little blip of what's been going on. My mom's uncle passed away last week. So we attended the wake on Sunday. We decided not to go to the funeral yesterday. Chris changed the oil in my car this weekend! He's such a good guy. He did end up losing his wedding band at his parents house though (he had taken it off to change my oil.) Luckily they found it. I told him if we didn't find it, it'd be a little while before we'd be able to get him another one. Chris won BOTH his softball games last night! But he pulled his hamstring right before the end of the second game. Poor guy... I guess I should have massaged it or something, but by the time he got home, I was pooped so I fell asleep.

Taylor learned THREE (3) new words yesterday. HOLY COW! She needs to slow down. She learned bug! We went out at like 8 as it was starting to get dark and watched the fireflies... she loved to watch them light up and would point when she saw one, but she didn't like it when I caught them and showed them to her. I guess she is a girly girl after all. She also learned to say bunny. Actually, she might have already known this word thanks to her Aunt Chel-rae, but I didn't realize it. We went out to see chelsea's bunny MJ and I said it, and she said it right back. It was crazy. Her third word she learned yesterday made me so happy. She said "LaLa." But not in a singing way. She was trying to say "Aladdin" cause that's her favorite disney movie. I've honestly seen that movie well over 50 times in the past month alone. We've tried to get her to like other ones. Some she'll watch for just a few minutes, others she won't bother with at all. "Aladdin" is her one true love when it comes to movies. And now she can say it! Kinda.

She also learned to sneeze this weekend at Grandma's house. She'll toss her head forward and say "doo." She had us cracking up laughing. She gets in these moods sometimes where she just loves to perform. She'll show off all her little "tricks."

I almost forgot, one of my favorite parts of my day yesterday was when me and my mom had to drive down to Nashville to pick up my brother Michael from work. We decided to leave early and stop by the Farmer's Market for a bit. I'm sure I went as a kid, but I can't remember it. It was so cool. I bought 3 cucumbers, 3 tomatoes (my favorite), 3 squash, 8 zuchinni, 2 lb potatoes, 3 bell peppers, 1 lb okra, a sweet potatoe, and I think that's it. I only spent like $10! I've got tons of Fresh good food! I feel so healthy! I'm going to cut up the sweet potatoe and zuchinni and squash today. Some I'll cut up for taylor to eat with her meals, some will be frozen for a casserole, some I'll probably eat right now. I think I might have to make a salad also with my cucumbers and tomatoes. Anyways... me and my mom decided to go down atleast once a month. I think we came to the conclusion too that everyone there was pretty much farmers from here in TN. Mom said they usually have people who have food shipped in from out of state too, but we didn't see any there yesterday. Maybe they are only there on the weekends. I do know they also have a Flea Market thing set up on the weekend. So I may have to check it out then too. I also saw a few Chef's for local restaurants there shopping also. WOW! it reminded me of all those movies where the chef goes to the local market and buys all the food for dinner that night. It made me feel even cooler being there too. Silly, I know. But I got excited. I'm almost thinking I will try shopping there when this baby's old enough to eat baby food and make my own. It's cheaper than vegetables at the store, and healthier too since there aren't the pesticides and such. I probably won't make all of it, but maybe some.

Now I'm rambling so I'll end this. I'll post again on thursday probably after my ob appt! Wish me luck!


  1. Hi friend....ok about the movie Aladdin well corbin watch the resucuers down under about 900 times I think my mom kept saying lets watch something else..So then It was all dogs go to heaven about 900 times so she will swich up im sure but it is funny. Oh and farmers market I know I love that place. We should meet up and go Its so cool there. Im glad to see you posting I was getting concerned ha ha

  2. A farmers' market sounds so fun. My mom really likes the one in downtown Franklin. I know it's a drive but, it could be a fun Saturday trip.

  3. I love the farmers market! Haven't been in a while. But I'm feeling an urge for fresh veggie juice so maybe it's time. :)


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