Monday, July 14, 2008

Coincidence !?!

I have a friend whose life since she got married has been almost parallel to mine with few exceptions. We were married on the same day (opposite sides of the country), honeymooned the same days to the same location and did the same things (never running into each other.) After that we differed for a few years... She got pregnant with their first child after only a month of being married... me and chris on the other hand waited. There are other small similarities in there. She found out she was pregnant with baby number two the same time I found out I was pregnant with our baby number two. She KNEW it was a boy just like I did. We were both completely taken by suprise when our ultrasounds told us otherwise. Again, we differ just a bit, her due date was one month before mine. AND she had a massive cyst on her ovaries that caused her to be induced a month early, so her baby was born two months before mine. Only, it wasn't a little girl as the ultrasound had said, but a baby boy! My friend had been right! Her little baby had a winky!

I was paranoid before, especially with the blessings I've gotten from chris since we found out the baby is a girl... Now I'm beyond paranoid... is there a word for that? I can't think of one now if there is. My next ob appt is this thursday and I'm SERIOUSLY debating on whether or not to ask for another ultra-sound. Is that insane? I already saw that there was nothing between those two little legs... but my friend saw the same thing, and hers came out with a suprise. Mistakes do happen... ARG!

I'm not honestly thinking just because my friends girl was actually a boy that my girl will be a boy. I'm really not. But wouldn't it be insane if that was the case? I can't wait to tell chris and see his eyes roll as I debate about asking for another check.

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  1. I was wondering where you have been? You usally post every few days and it has been over a week. Whats going on how have you been?


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