Friday, July 25, 2008

Did everyone I know blog yesterday?

Man, I got on my computer today after not getting on for 2 days and BAM! Everyone I know has blogged. I got to read about new pregnancies, old ones, my wonderful nieces and nephews, how higher gas prices are a plus to parents of teenagers, and on and on... I love blogging. I'd rather read these things than fix my hair, put on make-up, and get out of my bath robe, which is what I did! :) It's so nice to read about all y'all.

Anyways. Yesterday I visited GIRLS CAMP. Chelsea didn't go to stay this year. She was planning on going a few times during the week to visit for the day, but it hadn't happened yet, so I offered to take her yesterday since I didn't have anything going on. They had free time from 1-4 for swimming or repelling or whatnot. I packed stuff for me and Taylor to swim in, told chelsea to get ready, and off we went. I got caught speeding on the way there by a good friend of mine, also on her way to girls camp. I passed her doing 75 in a 55. Oops. LOL. The funny thing is as I was passing her I thought, "that looks like devrie's car." Atleast it was her who caught me and not a cop. We got there just fine, a little early for swimming infact (probably thanks to my lead foot), so we got to eat lunch with the girls. I realized girl's camp is actually a camp full of baby sitters! Taylor was a big hit. Almost annoyingly so. Almost. We did go swimming though... for two hours! They had one of those sloped edges so taylor could just walk in. I was so nervous about it... and rightly so. She fell! Face first into the water... THREE TIMES! Everytime, I'd catch her right after she went under and hold her up. Just a little blinking, and she was fine. No tears. My little girl loves the water! The pool was so cool... part of me wished I was a young woman with no child and no pregnancy. They had two awesome slides, it went up to 12 feet... it was CLEAN! anyways... i had fun. taylor had fun. Chelsea had fun. I figured on the way there we'd leave after swimming, but chelsea gets left out alot with stuff (cause of her epilepsy) and she was having a blast, so we stayed... through devotional, chore time, dinner time, the fireside, practice for skits, and skits themselves. A couple hours of girls camp turned into ALL DAY. We didn't leave until after 10 when the girls were getting ready for a late night hike. Taylor slept all of 10 minutes the WHOLE time. But she was a TROOPER. She'll usually sleep for close to 3 or 4 HOURS after only 1 hour in a pool cause it wears her out so bad. Maybe she was too tired to argue and fight. She was out after 2 minutes in the car when we finally left. Chelsea had a blast too, which was the point of the trip. She even got up with the rest of the YCL's and danced (she can shake her little ghetto booty!!) to the camp songs! I was pooped, Taylor was pooped, Chelsea was pooped. But it was all worth it. She went back up today thanks to one of her YW leaders. they picked her up this morning early. But today has rained all day, so I'm sure it hasn't been quite what yesterday was. I hope they still had a blast and Chelsea felt included. Her YW leaders are also my new friends here in the white house ward and they are amazing women. Her fellow YW are also amazing girls and always are great about including Chelsea in all she/they can. I appreciate them for loving her with all her quirkiness. Thank you ladies!

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  1. awwww sounds fun!!!! Yeah geez keep up with blogging ha ha just kidden. I agree I love reading people post its fun.


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