Monday, August 4, 2008

Warning: This could get long

It's been a while since I last blogged, well, a while for me. I haven't much felt like myself and I'm just waiting for this baby-ectomy to happen 6 weeks from TOMORROW. Here's what's been going on in the meantime!

EMMA SMITH: MY STORY - Last week I went to see this movie with two of my sister-in-laws... I loved it. It got me pumped and ready for this next month in our book club (we're focusing on Emma for the month, any book or article or whatever, just has to be about her.) I can't wait to find a great book about her and learn more. So excited.

WORST DAY EVER - Last thursday was honestly one of the WORST, most STRESSFUL days of my life. Me and Taylor left at 7:00 in the morning to go to Nashville for alot of errands we had. One of those was taking my car through emissions. After sitting there in line for 1 1/2 hours, my car failed. My gas cap needed replacing. Have you ever just SAT in a car for 1 1/2 hours with a 14 months old? Not fun. Not the smartest Idea I've ever had. It sucked. She cried. I yelled. And we'd have to go back through, after I bought a new gas cap. Then off to the OB. That's next on my little list here. Anyways... after my ob appt (still in a rough mood) we have to go to some car part store. These are not places for women, especially with a kid, especially pregnant with a kid. I walked ALL over the store... 3 times, looking for a gas cap. Chris said to take mine in with me... but it had been attached to the gas door thing, so I had to RIP it off! And I'm looking and looking. I started to walk up to 3 different guys to ask where they were... all of them walked off when they saw me coming. (Grrrr) I finally go to the back to ask a guy where they are... Guess they're in the back of the store where people can't go... he ran off to get the right one. Didn't need my old one... guess i needed to rip it off anyways though. So krispy kreme is right up the road and I needed a doughnut, so we go get them... I thought this would cheer taylor up. NOPE. She threw hers on the floor! So we go to krogers... I bought a new sippy cup and some sprite hoping this would get my dear daughter to quit crying, which she'd been doing since like 8 that morning. NOPE. She threw the sippy cup at me. More crying from her. More yelling from me. I flipped out. No way was I going back through emissions with Taylor crying like that. No way was I going to be able to make it back home (45 minutes away.) So we went to my mother-in-laws. I cried, Taylor Cried... but we calmed down after a while. I called chris also and told him I couldn't do the whole tags thing that day. Too much for me. He'd have to do it all. Anyways. After we had both calmed down, we left again. I decided I could probably make it through emisssions this time (Taylor was asleep in the car.) So I sat for another hour or so... Then, when the lady had gotten done with the test on my car... her computer crashed. Right before it was going to print out my little sheet thing. WONDERFUL. So her manager came over and they had to reboot it. I swear I waited 30 minutes this time. Sure the people behind me were upset, but it wasn't my fault. They had to go back through and retest everything on my car. This time, I got my print out though and left, before anything else could go wrong. We came home and I went to bed. Chris was great that night though and took taylor and let me relax. He also took my car the next day to the county clerk to get my new tags. So that was the worst day ever. Seriously.

OB APPT - My appt didn't go quite like I thought it would. My dr. is great, the nurses are great, but i was in a foul mood already. We had to make one more payment on our baby, after I thought we were already through. Then, I had lost weight. Are you kidding me? I've already been terrified that this baby isn't growing right because I hadn't been GAINING enough and now I'm LOSING what I've Gained? With the way my day was going, I broke down. My dr assured me she wasn't worried about the baby, but how can this NOT affect my little baby? I have no idea. I'm just worried. She also told me to take it easy. Right. That's very easy to do when I have a one year old to chase after all the time. But I am trying ... to take it easy and not worry. If something was wrong, they would have done something about it. I hope my next appt goes better.

FRIDAY NIGHT = PAR-TAY! - My mom and dad threw a party friday night. Lots of people came, from church, my brothers and sisters friends from school. We had hot dogs and smores and lots of other stuff... it was fun. the guys played music all night long... Taylor even showed off her talents on the drums and with singing. She sat and played drums for a while, and would get SO mad when we had to take her off them. Then she found the mics and she sang and sang and talked and sang into the mics. She's definately going to be a performer one day. She gets in these moods where she shows off and loves to entertain those around her. Guess she gets it from her Papa (my dad) and her dad... he loves to make people laugh and I see alot of that in her too. Anyways, the party was fun. it was fun to see everyone who came. and the food was good.

BREAKING DAWN - after the party friday night me and leeann and cayce all went up to barnes and nobles to get my reserved copy of Breaking Dawn, the last book in the twilight series. There were around 300 people there waiting to get the book. Crazy. I did meet a new member of the Hendersonville Ward. She was behind me in line. I only read one chapter that night before I went to bed... then I read to about 3/4 the way through on saturday, and finished the rest yesterday after church. It was SOOOOOO GOOD. I've always been on team Jacob and I think the ending made alot of sense. I think it will make people who like edward happy and people who like jacob happy. Anyways. I loved it, and definately reccommend it. Cayce started reading twilight friday night/saturday morning when I went to get my book. She finished twilight on saturday and started on new moon after that. I let me borrow all my books :( I'm glad she's into them also now, but I wanted to read them all from beginning to end of the story now that I've got all the books. Guess that will have to wait. I made her promise to get them to me before the baby's born so I can do that! Leeann is also into them now. She's on new moon also, and bought the third and fourth book friday night at B&N. They're so good.

Well, that's my update. I did warn you it would get long. Good Job to those of you who read and finished this :) I'm proud of your endurance!!!


  1. Bless your heart girl. You are a busy body. Glad to see your back in the blogging world.

  2. So glad that other people love those books besides me! I read mine all day Saturday! It was a nice finish to the story but I'm sad that it is over...


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