Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mommy's Makeup

Taylor has a BIG fascination with my makeup and hair stuff. And of course, it's all in the bottom two drawers in the bathroom so it's within perfect reach for her. I don't mind too bad (except when she gets ahold of my eyeliner!) She LOVES to use the brushes I use. I adore how girly she can be sometimes.
She's got her daddy's bottom lip!
Soooo Priddy!

She's making sure i'm watching!She loves to use my headbands too... but won't keep them on for too long. I think this one is So Stinkin Cute!Using Mommy's brush!

Her hair has been such a mess lately. It's way too long in the front now and is always in her eyes, but I don't have the heart to trim it. I want her first hair cut to be a BIG one! It'll probably be a while before that happens... I usually have that crazy hair (courtesy of dad!) pulled back, but she woke up this way.

Thanks for all the comments too folks. Glad ya'll enjoy the pics.


  1. She is so dang cute!!!! We need to get together and do lunch girl. Love the pictures

  2. Taylor is so cute! Love the pictures!

  3. She may have he dad's lower lip but she looks so much like you!


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