Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Last night chris had the opportunity (through work) to go and sit in on a Titans radio show. They were doing it from the O'Charley's in Brentwood. Anyways, chris got to have a free dinner (thanks mark!) and then got to meet Mike Keith, "the Voice of the Titans!" Mike sat and talked with chris and the guys a little while before the show started. Chris said he was a great guy and real friendly.
Anyways, I guess they sat right in front of Mike Keith and Jeff Fisher during the show. Afterwards, they got to meet Jeff Fisher. Chris said he was suprised a bit at the fact that him and Jeff are about the same size... chris always thought Jeff Fisher was taller! Chris had Jeff Fisher and Mike Keith sign a football for him! Mike Keith was suprised that chris wanted him to sign SACKED on the football, He said it was the first time anyone has ever asked him to sign that, even though that's one of the phrases he's known for!

They also got to meet one of the cheerleaders (whoopie!) and chris got her to sign a poster... just for ME! :) LOL. He had her make it out to his wife! I wonder how often that happens. I don't really care for the titans cheerleaders so it was a bit odd that he did that. I asked him why he didn't have her make it out to one of my brothers if he didn't want it. But I decided I'd use it as my motivation to get in shape after this baby's born!

Chris had a great time and was very excited about last night! He kept talking to me about it all night long. I'm glad he had the chance to go. He loves football. He's actually told me recently that he thinks he might like it a little TOO much! I told him I didn't think so. I thought that's just the way guys get. So what if he spends over an hour every night on That's not obsessing, is it??? :) (Just teasing babe!!!)

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  1. That's awesome! Good's fun to see the memorabilia. Not much of an NFL fan, but if there's a game on (TITANS) I'll root for 'em!


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