Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh My Goodness!

Taylor's 15 months old (tomorrow). She had her 15 month Dr. Appt today... She's growing, growing, growing! She's moving up the curves. She's over 22 lbs now (43%) and 29 inches tall (11%). So she's actually growing faster right now than she was at her last visit. She was only in the 7th percentile for height then, and like 20 something for weight. Her head is still HUGE compared to the rest of her! I don't think it's too noticable though.

She did have to get 3 shots :( It was so sad. I'm hormonal, and almost started crying when she did. It was hard to hold back. But afterwards we went to the store and bought her a new "baby" to make it all better. She thought her bandaids were kinda cool. That's a first. They always freaked her out before.
She's passed out in bed right now... it wore her out pretty bad. I'm sure she'll be alseep all afternoon. Hopefully she won't feel bad when she wakes up though.
She does have to go back at 18 months for another check-up, and if her blocked tear duct (she's had it since 2 months old) still hasn't cleared up, then they'll recommend a good eye doc to take her too. Also, Madison will be going in for her 2 month visit at the same time as Taylor's 18 month. That's just insane to me.
Well, I think it's my nap time too. I woke up with the sore throat and runny nose chris and taylor have had all week. Maybe I can sleep it off! Hope y'all have great weekends!


  1. She is so cute! Love the outfit she looks all grown up. Make sure she has some tylenol in her so she does not hurt and that will help her to sleep. I try and take naps but my little monster MUST know when I lay down it never fails the second I hit my pillow he wakes up. I guess he thinks he is the only one that gets to sleep around here

  2. O yay! That's the skirt Joey bought Taylor! That outfit is mucho cute!


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