Thursday, July 3, 2008

Birthday Cakes and Movie Dates

Since yesterday was Michael's Birthday and my mom was at the FHC all day, I made michael's birthday cake. He's a drummer and a pretty great one I think. So I made him the best drum cake EVER! Okay, So maybe it's not the best, but I tried real hard. I just especially stink at writing on cakes, so it looks a bit funky on top. But I was/am so proud of the drum sticks coming out of the top. I worked hard and enjoyed it alot. Maybe some cake decorating classes will be an option one day. This was too much fun.
Last night was mine and Chris's movie night for this week... we're actually having 2 this week since Hancock came out on a wednesday. :) I'm loving our Summer Movie Extravaganza! Anyways... we invited Michael to go since it was his birthday, and Leeann is away being a nurse at girls camp. My dad seemed a bit interested when we were talking about it, so we invited him to go also. Dad invited Avery, Chelsea, and Kyle. Avery invited Korbin McBride and his girlfriend Catlin. So there were 9 of us going to the movie for mine and chris's date night :) It was real fun though and the movie was pretty funny (It's PG-13, but they say @$$hole like 50 times and the f-bomb once. Chris said the language wasn't as bad as he thought it would be.) We almost took up a whole row at the movie theater! Dad paid for all the tickets :( That was nice, but not necessary... So we are taking him out tonight with us on Date Number 2 for the week and going to see Get Smart. I'm totally excited, but definately needing a nap sometime before we go. I'm getting old and Taylor wakes up early. A Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper will definately be needed tonight!

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