Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Miracles

1. Me and Chris had a date! Saturday night we were able to leave the girls with Jamie and Katie and do a little christmas shopping. It was so nice. This was only the 2nd time me and Chris have been alone since Maddie was born (3 months!) It was very badly needed and did so much to keep me from going off the deep end:) Even though both my girls were difficult (sorry to all those who dealt with them) Jamie and Katie still love them... and that's a miracle in and of itself.

2. Taylor stayed in nursery ALL day yesterday. It was only her 3rd time in there, and last week shouldn't count, because I sat in there with her the whole time. This is such a big accomplishment for a little girl so attached to mommy and daddy. Sis. Minton, our primary leader, is an amazing lady, a miracle worker. I don't know how she won my little girls trust so fast, when it has taken others MONTHS. I think snack time might have had something to do with it:)

3. Online shopping is great. Its wonderful. Being able to get x-mas shopping done without having to shower is a little miracle for me :)

4. Friday night Taylor got to see Santa. I have been afraid since Halloween that Taylor wouldn't like Santa, That she would run the other direction, terrified of the old man in the big red suit! Instead, she ran to him, Screaming Santa the whole way. And when she realized she had to WAIT... it set her off. She kicked, and screamed. But I didn't mind the fit so much. Atleast she was into him. We practiced what she would say. "ELMO" Of course. And she sat on his lap! No tears, no running in the other direction. She did have a sour face though... and wouldn't say what she wanted. But she sat there. Long enough for a few pictures to be taken. I love it that Taylor loves Santa. Having her get excited makes the season that much more magical. I can't wait til she gets to open gifts next week. I hope she enjoys it!

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