Friday, December 12, 2008

X-mas Joy and Stress

Okay, I started out great. Tons of Holiday spirit. Couldn't wait for the season to get going. Loved the lights and decorations. Was so excited to start shopping. I was excited.

My excitement is thinning out. Quickly. The joy has turned to stress, and lots of it. Which is odd. I don't have a tree to set up. I don't have a house to decorate. I don't have but a few more gifts to buy. And I'm earning some money this year with my etsy store.

I think my stress is because of the dark. Honestly. I realized last night that I feel like I'm in the dark ALL DAY LONG. I've been trying not to go out much, because both my girls have coughs and runny noses. Both have the starts of ear infections. I have a horrible sore throat and cramps like no other! So we haven't been doing anything. This is taking it's toll on my sanity.

The lights are never on (trying to save on the electric bill,) the blinds are always closed cause it's too bright during naps... It's driving me nuts. I feel like I'm stuck in a little box.

I feel bad cause chris and my girls and family are having to deal with my crabbiness right now. I'm just way off. Definately not myself.

Hopefully things will get better soon though. We're going to the ward christmas party tonight because santa will be coming. I'm taking my camera and we're doing x-mas pictures with him. I hope taylor does well. She's only seen him from a ways away at the mall so far. She has waved though. And I always make a HUGE deal out of it everytime we see a statute or picture of him. Now when she sees him she goes "OHHHH SAAANNNTAAAAA" I love it.

Maybe this will cheer me up. And hey, it's friday! That in and of itself should pep me up a bit. Two whole days coming up with chris and my girls. What could be better right?

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