Monday, December 29, 2008

Potty Time (Warning, I do discuss POOP)

I've never done this before. With all my experiences as a nanny and a daycare teacher, I've never had to potty train a kid before.

My mom makes it sound too easy. She bought me panties and I just started using a potty! I'm hoping and praying Taylor will be that easy too. But it probably won't be.
So far so good though. We bought her a Potty for christmas. It's not anything special. It's actually blue and green. It doesn't make noises. You can't flush it. But it does have a toilet paper holder on it, and a place for baby wipes. I liked that part.

Taylor thought it was AWESOME to sit on her potty. I'd strip her down, bare bottom, and let her sit, and run around our room naked, and sit some more. She's also been sitting on a big potty for about a month now, maybe once or twice a day. Nothing major.

She doesn't mind sitting on a potty at all, big or small. But she had yet to actually USE one. But then yesterday... Taylor was sitting on her potty. I saw a little grunting, and next thing I knew, Taylor had POOPED in her POTTY! She did it! I was so proud. Me and Chris both got SO excited for Taylor! Okay, so the turd was tiny... I mean, about as big as a nickel. But it was poop, and it was in the toilet, not her diaper!!!

We celebrated and cheered and hollared. We told everyone... Mamie and Papa, Michael, Avery, Chelsea, Kyle! It was a big deal! She got CANDY! We were all so proud. So, we decided it was time for her to pick out some panties!

Taylor of course picked... ELMO!

This is not a big suprise for ANYONE who knows taylor at all. She is OBSESSED with elmo. Seriously, walking through any store, my daughter can find elmo. The other day at kroger, Taylor said ELMO while me and chris were shopping. We had to look for a couple minutes before we finally saw the teeny tiny elmo on some package that she had spotted.

Back to the potty... Taylor's doing well. I'm not pushing it at all... cause I'm sure when we move, she'll regress. I'm just trying to introduce it, slowly work it into our routine.

This morning, Taylor came into the bathroom as I got ready and said "Potty" so I said okay and started to take her diaper off. She jerked away and said "No, BIG GIRL"

I guess she's right. Taylor's turning into a big girl that can do things herself. She took off her diaper and sat on her potty talking to me while I got ready. I can't believe she's the same little person who couldn't even crawl a year ago. Man time flies.

On a side note: I tried to get her to say "Big Girl" again, and she just whines and says, " I can't". So dramatic! Anyways, I'm so excited to get her out of diapers... but not quite just yet either. I'm waiting to start ACTUALLY trying when we move. Til then, We'll just keep it at a little potty here, a little potty there. It'll be nice to not be spending $60 everytime we buy diapers too.

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  1. That's exciting that Taylor's going to the bathroom! Congratulations! That's a big milestone and we have yet to make it with either of our kids!


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