Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blah blog...

So I've been feeling blah, hence a lack of posts lately (especially ones with pictures...)

But lots has been going on... so here's an update

  • Chris won't be going to school this semester. We've decided to wait til the spring.
  • I've got a job! Working at the YMCA in Donelson/Hermitage. It's in the daycare, and the girls can go with me. It's not great pay, but the benefits make up for it!
  • Taylor is completely potty trained... or was, until she got an UTI - atleast I think that's what it is... we'll find out tonight when she goes to the doc.
  • Maddie is pretty much done nursing. She's on whole milk. She also turned 11 months on Sunday, has taken up to 4 steps on her own, and is all around her usual happy self.
  • Chris's truck needs a bit of work on the transmission, so I"m stuck at home while he's at work with my car... BOO!!! Why is it that when I'm here with a car and the ability to go out, I don't want to, and when my car is taken away, I want to go out!
  • My little bro KYLE turns 17 today! Skiddamer - winkie - dinkie dink, I LOVE YOU!
  • We're looking at apartments. I think we've found the one we want and chris's reasoning behind not leaving the ward is crazy! SERIOUSLY, but we'll probably be staying, if it all works out.
  • My awesome birthday party is coming up! YOU BETTER COME... i don't care who you are, but come! Let me know if you want details!

So that's about it! Again, sorry no pics. I promise I'll post something fun soon.

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  1. Congrats on the job! I'm the same way about wanting what I don't have. The car is a major appendage!


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