Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Miracles Happen...

I'm just going to go on and warn everyone that this post may feel a bit like testimony meeting... atleast I'm not up in front of everyone crying with mascara all down my face, feeling like a goof ball. I'm going to start with Monday...

Monday was my Orientation for my job. That's right... For some reason lots of people still don't know, but I have a Job now working at the YMCA in the childcare department. The girls can go with me for free, we get a free membership... overall, I'm way super excited and I consider it a miracle in and of itself that I was able to get it. Anyways, on my way there I was turning left at a traffic light onto a VERY busy street (5 lanes!) My light turned green (arrow and all!) but I couldn't make myself go. I sat there for a few seconds, long enough to think, it's weird that I'm telling my leg to press on the gas, and I'm not doing it! I was getting ready to hear people honking behind me, when 2 cars came FLYING by in front me, one going in each direction! I swear they were doing about 50 or 60 mph. Everyone else at the red light had stopped, so I"m sure it wasn't the lights fault. Not to get all churchy or anything, but I KNOW that it was divine intervention that kept me from pulling into that intersection, where I'm sure I would have been hit by atleast one, if not both of those cars. Someone in Heaven was definately looking out for me on Monday and I'm so greatful for that!

Yesterday, Chris had the day off from work, cause they've been real slow. We had a Great day at the zoo with the girls. It's only the 2nd time we've gone as a family, and it was so much fun. Maddie's really starting to enjoy the animals, and Taylor loves them all. Just being able to do something like that in the middle of the week is a little miracle to me, and I'm thankful chris didn't mind spending his time off pushing a stroller around for 2 hours in the hot sun!

And Today! A few weeks ago, we had a bit of a disappointment when we learned that Chris wouldn't be able to get his financial aid for school in time for him to go this semester. We would have had to pay up front and then "HOPE" that at some point in the semester, we'd be reimbursed. Now, I understand that we should have had a back up plan, like savings, but at this time, we don't! We panicked trying to get it worked out, and couldn't find a way. I wondered why Heavenly Father would inspire chris as to what our future should be, only to not let it work out for us. We talked and prayed and I just figured we'd be able to get it all done some other way, after all, he could still go next spring and hopefully have all his classes done by spring 11, to start at Pharm school that fall. Well... Chris got on his laptop today when he got home (at 11, still no work for them to do, so he came home early!) His financial aid had gone through. Too bad, he thought, cause he had already been purged from his classes and it was probably too late to sign up for them, they'd all be filled even if he was able to sign up. Atleast, he knew he could get the financial aid in time for spring. After looking around on the school website, he realized he was still enrolled in all his classes, and they were all paid for! Heck, he is even getting some money back, which he can use to buy his books!!! So chris is starting school on Monday! It's a bit of an adjustment going back to thinking he'll be in school this semester, but we're so excited we can hardly contain it! This is seriously one of the biggest miracles that has happened to us (is that silly?) And I'm so greatful to have this work out. Heavenly Father meant for Chris to be in school this semester and he made it possible for him to go.

I'm so greatful for a wonderful husband so motivated, dedicated, and hard working. I'm greatful to him for being a great provider and supporter. I'm greatful for him being such a great father. I'm greatful to him for being righteous and willing to listen to the spirit when it tells him what he needs to do. I'm greatful to my Heavenly Father for watching out for us, for answering our prayers, and helping us find a way to achieve our goals and desires. When we had done all we could, and it wasn't going to work, he found a way to make it happen. I know that the gospel is true, and I'm so greatful to have it in my life.

Okay, there, That's my testimony, well part of it. I hope it isn't too mushy. :) You all probably think I'm nuts getting so spiritual and emotional over Chris going to school... but I don't care. :) I'm so excited for the rest of this year and the next step in our lives. I just thought I'd remind you all, that Miracles can and do still happen all the time!


  1. Girl, I LOVED this post!!! I to have seen the Lords hand in the thing Mike and I are doing to better our future as well, and at times I cant help but feel bad b/c I was almost BLAMING him b/c everything we have wanted isnt happening the way we thought they would... But the strange thing is... is THEY ARE happening!!! Just in a way the Lord sees fit!!! I think I too need to write down my testimony of our experience once its all over...
    Im so happy for Chris and how it all worked out for him... I know to some it may seem like a coincidence that it happened the way it did, but it is so nice when we (the recipients) can see where the blessings REALLY are coming from!!! :o)

  2. Thanks for sharing a wonderful testimony. I'm so glad you can recognize the miracles in your life. It's sad how much God blesses and protects us that we don't see and give thanks for. I'm excited for you guys future too. See you at the Y!

  3. Thanks for sharing, K-Rod. I'm happy for you guys. =)

  4. Keaven, what days will you be at the Y? Also, is it the Harding Y? Mikal and I joined 2 months ago and I have yet to go because I'm nervous to leave Abby in the daycare there with strangers. I'd feel much better if I knew someone from our ward was there! Also, she and Maddie are about the same age. It would be good for her to play with another child. =)

  5. I'm glad things are working out for ya'll. A little gratitude goes a long way, huh? BTW, I'm glad your leg wouldn't obey, too!


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