Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Sitting

I need everyone's help.

We need a babysitter.

Not for a certain date or time, just someone we can call regularly who will watch our girls for us.

The last sitter we hired charged $10 an hour, which is a bit much for us (probably need more like $5-$7 an hour). And she didn't really do all that much with the girls. She didn't clean up after them. She popped some popcorn and sat them in front of the TV. I'm not expecting her to clean our house... But at $10 an hour, I do expect a bit more than a movie and popcorn!

Anyways - Does anyone have any ideas? or know of a Young Woman around here needing some $$$ for summer?

They're easy girls. Heck, my mom and dad would hardly let us bring them home this past Sunday, after watching them for 4 days!!! That should say something!

Anyways - Let me know by email if anyone knows of someone!

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  1. We use Kim and Connie Barnes a lot. Kim watched my 2 youngest for me all day today while I went on the kindergarten field trip and I came back, my house was still clean, the kids were fed and happy, she brought play dough for Emma to play with. We have no complaints here for them. They are usually available too. I have never had them tell me no. I try to pay them around $10/hr when they have all 4, today I was gone from 8:30-2:30 and paid her $40 for both, kinda high but she did a good job I think and I didnt have any change for $20s so its worth it to me. Katie Burnett is REALLY kid friendly and is very hands on. I think she would be good too. I will keep thinking about YW that would be good too.


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