Saturday, May 1, 2010

Double Hitter: I Heart Heritage Makers, Rain Rain Go Away

A few months ago I went to a party and discovered this online scrapbooking website. There are tons of advantages to using this website over others, or any kind of products you can buy for digital or traditional scrapbooking. But I'm not going into those. I just wanted to show off my latest creations. I LOVE THEM... and I HEART HERITAGE MAKERS. I made this swatch book (brag book) of my FAVOURTIE (english spelling) Things, MY GIRLS.
I just added different pictures of them and some wording here and there like their nicknames and sisters, friends, TROUBLE.

Then I made a family planner to keep me and chris more on the same page with our scheduling.
It is spiral bound so I can turn the pages very easily and even fold it back so only one page is open.
On every page there is a notes side and a calendar side.
And Lastly, I made Taylor's 3rd birthday invitations on it.
I designed them myself and I totally love em.
And Lastly... It has been raining non stop all day. I thought this little puddle outside our porch was bad...
but has anyone seen I-24 lately? It's a RIVER. SERIOUSLY. It's completely covering cars and 1/2 way up semis. There was a HOUSE floating down it early. That's right... A HOUSE floating down the interstate AT OUR EXIT!!!
We're very blessed to be safe in our apartment on a hill, but Chris tried to leave to go to the store, and we're stuck. There's no traffic moving on bell road.
We've had 10-12 inches here so far, and it's not the end of the day yet. It's supposed to continue to rain until Monday I think.
There's no way we can get to Church tomorrow, or even Chris's parents house (they're stuck too, all roads out are flooded.)

This all might not even be cleared up by Monday. They'll have to clean the interstate of all the cars, semi's, HOUSES, and debri before they can reopen it. Just craziness.
But it will be kinda nice to spend the whole weekend in together. And I'm sure we'll be very very ready to get out of the apartment when it all finally clears up!

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