Friday, April 30, 2010

Beautiful Girls...

I know everyone probably thinks this way, But sometimes I just look at my girls and I'm amazed at how pretty they are.
And they crack me up. They're sense of humor, and the way they say and do everything is so cute, and perfect. They are so precious to me and I love them so much.
Taylor is always saying the most HILARIOUS things. And Maddie is just too cute.
Maddie doesn't say "I..." anything really. Unless you ask her to repeat you. Otherwise, it's "Go potty, me" "Eat snack, Me" "Want Juice, Me" "Play toys, Me" I don't know why or where she got this from, but I think it's adorable. :)
The past few days the weather has been wonderful here and me and the girls have been having tons of playtime outside. Here's a bunch of pictures from the past few days. (there's some on facebook too!)


  1. Cute pictures. Your girls are so adorable.

  2. They are so cute! I love the one of Maddie w/ her hands on her face! Thanks for the invite to Taylor's party. Wish we could be there.


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