Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yay for the internet!

We just got the internet back in our apartment (we were mooching before and they moved out, did I mention that?) I'm so glad. I've got alot to catch up on....

I need to finish out my posts on my spring cleaning... heck, i need to finish my spring cleaning.

There's lots of great stories about the girls from the past few days.

There's lots of planning for playgroups, crochet groups, project groups and other such stuff to post about.

And I also need to figure out what goes where as far as my two blogs go. The family blog vs the mommy blog.

Lots of posts to come now! I'm excited! You should be too!

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  1. It IS so great to have the internet. When we first moved into this apartment and got our laptop, we were bummin off of someone else's internet and then they blocked it like a few days before we got our own internet. It's nice to just have it and not have to rely on someone else's!


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