Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting Spring Cleaned

I've never really been one to SPRING CLEAN. I figured you should be cleaning all year long, right? Why should the spring be DEDICATED to cleaning?

I finally realized that Spring cleaning is more about decluttering than actually cleaning. And I'm a pack rat, so decluttering is not something that comes natural to me. But, I have decided to dedicate this next week to "Spring Cleaning." I'm going to go through our apartment, room by room, and declutter, getting rid of what is not needed, unnecessary, and has no value to us... really.

My problem is that I do attach a bit of sentimental value to things that really shouldn't have any. For instance, I still have notes from some of my best friends from high school. A couple of these people I'm still friends with on facebook, but I honestly haven't seen them in a good 7-8 years and those notes are probably all about how in love I was with some boy. So what's the point in keeping that? I don't know.

I also keep cards. Birthday cards, christmas cards, anniversary cards, valentine cards... I keep them all. I don't know what to do with them, so they're all in a box in my closet. Well, they're going. Most of them anyways. The ones with meaningful messages and happy memories, I'll keep. But the "Merry Christmas, Love The Soandsos" are getting trashed.

I save tons of my girls things. Especially colored pictures. I have a huge drawer full of them, and they need to go. I'll keep some of them, but I probably have a few hundred just sitting there. I'll make a little scrapbook for them, but the rest will go.

At the end of this week, I'm going to try and evaluate my progress. Hopefully I'll have a big ol box of stuff to toss, giveaway, or sell, and our apartment and lives will be less cluttered with junk and more full of love (cheesy moment!) :P I can't wait to be Spring Cleaned!

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