Monday, May 3, 2010

Building Party; Lounging with Padre

When the girls woke up from nap this afternoon, the kids in the building invited them to come out and COLOR!
This looked like so much fun.
I'm so glad to live in an area with tons of kids. And they're all pretty nice kids too.
And they adore the girls. These other kids are 7-12 years old, but they'll come over and play kitchen or little people with my girls.
It's nice to have them entertained for a bit, and know they're okay.

And we recently got a new couch and chair (Thank you Jennifer and Kyle!) in our living room. They're extra comfy. Chris says the chair is his spot - the man chair!
Well, Maddie has found a little spot of her own.
She's such a daddy's girl!

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  1. That cute! Her smile is so sweet in that pic of her and her daddy.


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