Friday, May 7, 2010

On second thought...

I called my mom yesterday. I asked her to watch the girls next week while me and Chris go to Florida.

Now, I know that no one in this WORLD could take better care of my girls than my own mom (just as good maybe, but not better) and I know my girls will have a blast with their Mamie and Papa, but I'm a bit heartbroken over having to leave them. Other than having to leave Taylor while I was in the hospital having Maddie, We've never really left them. They have spent the night a couple times with some family. But nothing more than overnight.

This is going to be REALLY hard for me. Can I go 2 or 3 nights/days without my girls? Maybe when they wake me up at 3:30am I think I can... But honestly, They're with me 24/7 usually. They go shopping with me, they go to work with me, they take naps with me. Yes I complain about it sometimes, But do I honestly want it any other way? Well, maybe a little break here or there, but no. I love it the way it is.

Can I really leave them and go on this trip? I will, but do I want to? No. I don't want to. But me and Chris really need a break. Time away from work and life, with just each other. Time to remember that we're not just "mommy" and "daddy" but Keaven and Chris.

I know that we'll come back from this trip relaxed and rejuvenated and ready to go right back into being mommy and daddy. We'll probably even have more patience and play a bit more with the girls. But I AM going to miss them. And yes, I'll probably cry a bit.

But Dang, That ocean is CALLING MY NAME!

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  1. Glad she can watch them. I do think it's important to get away w/ your hubbie.


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