Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Moo

Madison has a magic all her own.
When she smiles, there is a sparkle in her eye I've never seen in anyone else.
It's like her smile dances on her face.
She is so expressive.
Her heart is not on her sleeve but in her eyes.
You never wonder what she's thinking... You can see it plain as day.
When she's happy you know, and you sure as heck know when she's not!

Maddie's heart is gold and her mind is steel.
You'll never see another person more caring and loving,
but you'll never see one so stubborn and set on her own path.

She is a little mother, to her dolls, to her stuffed animals,
and to anyone who will let her pretend to feed them or baby them.
And she can throw a tantrum better than anyone I've ever seen in my life.
That saying about dynamite and small packages is the EPITOME of Madison!

She has brought such joy to my life.
I was so scared when I first found out she was on her way to us,
but the moment she was born, we felt whole.

Maddie is a great little sister.  She adores Taylor and mimics her every move.
They truly are best friends and it's great to watch them grow together. 

She wants so badly to be big, but she's so small. 
With her buddha belly and her ghetto booty, it's a wonder she can stand up straight.
Her size only adds to her magic.
Maddie amazes me everyday with how she's growing and learning.
It breaks my heart that my baby is now 2, and no longer a baby.

But I'm so madly in love with this little girl she's becoming.
And I'm so excited to celebrate this wonderful day with her.

Happy Birthday Moo!


  1. We have been saying everyday..."We need to call Maddie and sing Happy Birthday to her!" Grandma has a real complex about it. I just told Mom that we are still gonna call and sing to her. I'm sorry we missed it. I sure love that kid and miss her like crazy. Hopefully we will be calling you tonight. If not, know that we have thought about that little "Moo" everyday.


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