Thursday, September 2, 2010

World on my Shoulders

I can't say no.  
I really have an extremely hard time with it.  
If you ask me for a favor... I'll say yes.
I can't help it.  
I'm a people pleaser.
I want to make you happy.

I overload myself so badly by doing this though.
My latest issue is with watching kids.
I was suppose to interview with someone this afternoon, but all my spaces are filled already.
So I had to call her and cancel.  
I hate it. 
I know she's in a tight spot, can't afford much, and needs someone fast.
I want to be able to help, but I just can't.
So I said no.
And why should I worry?
She's not my problem... right?
It's not my responsibility to find someone to watch her kids.  
But yet I feel responsible and guilty.

But I can't take on the world.
So I have to learn to say no.

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