Friday, September 24, 2010

Its been a while...

Staind used to be my FAVORITE band... so I've got that song in my head now.

Moving on... It has been a while since I posted.  Even before Maddie's birthday I was slacking.  My 365 project is out the window, but I'm planning on catching up.  I've made lots of things lately with my sewing machine... and have to post these things... some of which cannot be posted until packages are finished and have been shipped ;)

I'm in a funk today.  It's been building up over the past few days.  It's really cause I have a cold or something.  Because of this cold I feel sluggish... don't want to do anything, and my lack of productivity has made my funk worse.  The guilt builds up of not having a perfectly clean home, perfectly clean, entertained kids... and yeah.

So I'm posting on here to motivate myself.  I will have our apartment cleaned by tonight.  I will make the phone calls that need to be made.  I will catch up on homework left undone... and I will finish packages that need to be shipped to new little babies ;)  I will also update you on these things later.  After that stuff is done... Then I clear off my camera and post all the going-ons here!  And there's been plenty!

Okay, so ready... set... here I go.  Off to be productive.  (Wish me luck!)

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