Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly Update

I have started watching kids in our apartment.  So far, there are 4 kids total that are here different times and days during the week.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are the worst from 2-6 because all 4 kids are here, plus my two.  They are 21 months, 4 months, 6 months, and 9 months.  The first ones arrive at 7am, the last one leaves at 11pm.  So my days are LONG.  It gets a bit nuts here during those times, but it's alright.  It's extra $$, and every little bit helps so yeah.  It's one of my ways of contributing to our welfare (along with couponing and making homemade stuff instead of buying store bought.)

I bought a sewing machine!!!  It's an upgrade from the one I was looking at.  WOOHOO.  I haven't been able to use it like I want though.  Mainly because I'm watching kids all day(and night) long, and I have to do homework before play!

I started school on Tuesday. I'm taking 8 classes.  My plate is definitely loaded right now, between school and watching kids... it's never-ending.  Plus there's taking care of my family and also the usual cleaning and laundry (which has increased due to the 4 month old who has reflux.  I think I've washed every blanket in our house in the past 48 hrs.)  I got really overwhelmed on Wednesday and was thinking about putting school on hold.  Yes, 2 days into it, I thought about quitting.

But I said a prayer and told God if this was where He wanted me and what He wanted me to be doing, then He better help me, cause I can't do it on my own.  And He has for sure.  Many times I'm able to keep my cool when I think I could bust.  I'm able to remember and comprehend things from school that I haven't thought of or understood in 8 years.  I'm able to feed 2 infants and entertain another one all at the same time.  And, I'm able to somehow find time for housework in all this.

In addition to what I've already mentioned, we've had the missionaries over like crazy lately.  They've met with 2 of my friends, but we've also had over another investigator from the teaching pool for the Elders to teach.  She has 2 girls almost Taylor's and Maddie's ages, so it's nice to have them over.  But, it's also time I could be doing school work or cleaning or laundry or grocery shopping (our shelves are SO bare.  I gotta get some tonight.)

The reason behind me having the Elders over so much is the blessings.  Right now in my/our life, we can't live without those blessings.  If feeding the missionaries, or opening our home to investigators keeps the spirit in our home and our hearts, then so be it.  We'll do what we have to.

With all this, there's not much time to blog. So don't be expecting much.


  1. Forget super mom. you are super duper ooper mom!!

  2. Keaven...that is CRAZY. Do you keep all of those infants at the same time then? Not worth it. Glad you got your sewing machine! That's exciting. Have fun.

  3. here's thought- have you checked to make sure you don't need a license to keep that many kiddos at once? just a thought, might prevent some trouble in the future to check it out.

  4. I've checked and as a registered in home provider you can have up to 4 kids. So I'm maxed out during those times I mentioned. :) I've got it covered. Even trying to convince a friend to help me open a real day care. Maybe too much work for now though.

  5. Carrie, being able to pay our bills is worth it. And the kids don't bother me. :)


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