Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Can't catch a break,

But we can catch a bug!

Make that a few bugs. It seems like one of us has been sick since we moved into this house. I'm trying real hard not to hold it against the house... it's not her fault after all. But it's annoyed me.

The first week here I was out with Pneumonia. The Second week, Chris had the flu. We had a tiny break last week thank goodness, because it was Chris's birthday. But this week again, Taylor has the flu!

According to her teacher, half her class has it.

I'm going to go get tons of Lysol and soak this house in it.

Even our puppy Tubman has been sick today. He has the runs. I feel bad keeping the poor puppy put up, but I can't let him loose in the house. Not after all the poop I cleaned up this morning.

Anyways - I have yet to have my house spotless at any point since we moved in. It doesn't look like it's gonna happen today either. At some point it will be. And when it is I am taking photos and posting them 1. so that you can all see our home and 2. because it will probably never be spotless ever again.

If only we can all feel good at the same time.

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  1. Bummer! Stess will do it, too! Take it easy...crossing my fingers no one else gets sick!


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