Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday Christopher!

In case you didn't know, my Handsome turned 30 today! 
We started the day with some breakfast in bed. French Toast with OJ and a yogurt smoothie.
Afterward Christopher got out of bed (He sleeped way in!) We all went and had lunch with Taylor.
Next it was time to go to the DMV (or County Clerk's office) for Chris to get a new drivers license. His expired cause he's so old now.
After he got a new license (including a new pic that doesn't look like a 15 year old boy) Christopher went to go see War Horse all by his lonesome. It kinda becoming a tradition of his.  He did the same thing last year.
The movie wiped him out, because after that he came home and napped for about 3 hours. Then he woke up to this:
 Me and the girls had  put together some fun little stuff to celebrate. I finally broke out my Cricut and made the cute banner and tags for the gifts. 
 We got Christopher some drinks and snacks to take to work. (I had originally planned on surprising him at work with all these awesome treats so everyone would be crazy jealous of his delicious treats and awesome wife.  But chris took the day off instead... so now all of you can be jealous of his delicious treats and awesome wife!) (Also, please excuse how crappy my handwriting is. If I had any idea where my printer was, I would have printed out cute labels instead of using my gosh awful handwriting. So ignore them and pretend they're some crazy obnoxious cute font.)
  Me and the girls counted out 30 double bubble gumballs (30 blows) and 30 dumdums (30 sucks.)
We also made this fantabulous card. the girls signed it themselves and decorated the inside. 
I made one of Chris's favorites for dinner: Sloppy Joes! With manwich of course. Though I forgot buns, but chris doesn't mind, he eats it all by itself! We also had mac and cheese (of course) and I made cream spinach just to add some veggies to our dinner. Chris's stomach was a bit upset from the jalapenos he had on his nachos when he went to the movies, so he couldn't enjoy dinner as much as he wanted, but that's what comes with old age! The inability to eat whatever you want without repercussions. I've had to stop using onions in everything because Chris's stomach just can't handle them. He's such an old poot.

To finish off our wonderful day, we went to Lowes and got Chris this beauty below:
We had to have a grill of course so that we'd be able to grill out for Chris's party on Saturday. He's pretty excited about it... even went so far as to say this was the best birthday present ever. I'm glad he likes it and I'm glad we were able to get it for him. I can't wait to grill some veggies on that thing! 

Happy Birthday Handsome. I adore you and I'm so glad your parents made you 30 years and 9 months ago. Thank you Pat and David!

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  1. Excellent Grill Choice. Way to ease him into his 30`s. They feel the same as the 20`s so far for me.



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