Sunday, March 4, 2012

Home, Sweet Home

We closed! Last Monday (the 27th) we were able to close on our house, which was a pleasant surprise because we didn't think it would happen until Tuesday or Wednesday. I was able to paint the living room and our bedroom during the week (thank you Krystin for your help!) And we slowly moved stuff over through out the week (Thank you Matt, John, Michael, and Steven). Last night we spent our first night in our new home. It was GREAT to be back in our own bed. The girls had to sleep on the couch because we couldn't find their bedding amid all the tons of boxes in the garage. At the moment I have unpacked all of my kitchen stuff and it is mostly set up. Chris is installing my under the counter radio/cd/ipod player as I type and then I'll put away the last few things and my kitchen will be all done... That is for the next couple weeks til we buy the paint for it and we start decorating it.

We're taking it all a room at a time, and the living room is our main priority, since this is where we'll spend the most time as a family. Our living room is shaped a bit funny... actually it's just a rectangle, but the placement of doorways and the closet and the air vent created a problem when it came to furniture arrangement. But me being the crazy person I am spent a couple hours online looking at living room furniture placement til I figured out where all our furniture should go. I can't believe it took me so long to figure it out, because now that it's all in place, it seems like the room was made to be set up this way! We have just a couple other pieces of furniture to get before this room will be done. I want a little writing desk for the laptop and a bookshelf, and then a HUGE basket to keep our blankets in.  Oh, and some pillows for the couch! How could I forget the pillows? And eventually curtains for the window, but the blinds will suffice for now.

Then comes the kitchen and little bathroom. Then our room and bathroom. Then the girls room and bathroom... then the guest bedroom and finally the laundry room.

I am thrilled to finally be settled. After 9 moves in less than 8 years, I'm over it! I don't want to move again for another decade! And that's our plan for now. We'll probably stay in this home until the girls are ready for high school. We have plenty of space with room to grow (another kid or two ;) ) It's kinda funny because me and Chris have talked about moving into this neighborhood since we got married. And now we live here! It is a huge blessing to have found this house in the area we want.

We have also had a couple other changes in our lives. I am no longer working at all! I no longer am keeping anyone else's kids but my own. I am trying to get a job at the YMCA, but it may not be working out after all. I am excited though for all the time I will get to spend with Madison. I've never really had a chance to be alone with her and I can't wait to help her learn and just hang out with my favorite little Moo.

And the last big change in our lives will happen in the next few days. We are adopting two little puppies! They are beagles, a brother and sister. The boy is named Tubman and the girl is Harley. They will be fixed tomorrow and we'll bring them home 24/48 hours after that. And I can't wait. It does mean that I need to get pretty much everything unpacked before then though.  So I probably better get back to it.

Pictures will come soon, once all the boxes are gone and stuff is put away and clean, if that ever happens ;)

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  1. So happy for you both! And the girls, too! Having a place of your own (no renting) is the best feeling, in my opinion. No one to answer to. Let's not look at the laundry list of responsibility... I agree with you...moving is the worst!


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