Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yard Sale

We've decided to have a yard sale... I believe the end of April. A friend from church is going to be doing it along with us (and anyone else who would like to... just let us know!)

One thing I've noticed while unpacking is that we have too much of everything. My girls clothes are a bit out of hand. With so much family and friends, we get a TON of hand me downs. We also have a bunch of people who like to shop for our girls. So we have ended up with so many clothes they won't fit in 2 dressers and a closet! 

I actually searched online to try and find out home many clothes my girls actually need. Here's what I've settled on, and this is a bit more than what others have suggested... But oh well. I don't like laundry and don't want to have to do it everyday!

7 short sleeve shirts
7 long sleeve shirts
5 shorts
3 skirts
5 jeans
3 other pants
2 sweatshirts/hoodies
2 Nice dresses
4 Casual Dresses
1 Winter Coat
2 Jackets

Crocs or swim shoes
Black Dress Shoes
White Dress Shoes
Snow Boots
Rain Boots
Flip Flops

My girls love being girly and wearing skirts and dresses, and that's what people buy them most often, so we're keeping more of those than what I read about. The long sleeved shirts and atleast half the pants will be put away for winter, along with the coat and snow boots and such. With this breakdown of it all, we should be able to have only one drawer a piece for each girl along with the clothes that hang up. 

This does not include their school clothes though. I want to have about 10 outfits a piece for the girls for their school uniforms. We're a bit over that right now for Taylor, but next year, we should only have to get a few things since we've got a few size 4, 5, and 6 (This is hoping Madison gets into the Pre-K program that Taylor is in now.) 

Anyways - We're going to be cutting back on tons... My clothes, Toys, Linens, etc. Probably some craft stuff as well. Hopefully we can get some extra cash out of this yard sale to help with fun summer stuff... Or maybe we'll make enough to pay for our fence! That would rock. Either way, I'm more excited about the extra space than the extra money. I'm trying not to get too carried away and just get rid of everything! Cause at this point I don't want to clean it or unpack it or put it away.  It's a good mood to purge in though.

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  1. So not brave enough to have one! Good luck! I still can't figure out our clothing. We need SO many blue jeans it's not even funny! My girls go through those like water! Then again..maybe I need to review what quality I'm buying! haha Let us know how the YS goes!


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