Monday, November 3, 2008

Attack of the Lady Bugs

Is anyone else having this problem?

They're everywhere!!! And I'm such a wuss, I can't even touch them... I'm sucking them up with the vaccum. I know. I'm so inhumane! But they are honestly grossing me out so bad.

I have seriously sucked up thirty in more just in my room! They're all over EVERYTHING. How do we get rid of them? HELP.

So, a new thing to be grateful for... Lady bug free rooms. And baby einstein... You've kept taylor occupied while I suck up killer lady bugs.

And I'm also grateful for days when the internet works perfectly. But then again... days like today when it's barely working... you force me to have patience... so I'm grateful for those days too... I guess.


  1. ha ha that is funny!! We went to Matts brother Saturday oh my gosh there back side of the house had MILLIONS and Millions its better then spiders or something. We need to get together friend I miss ya

  2. Cute picture by the way of you guys!!!


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