Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birthdays, Hats, and Mail

On Sunday my girls celebrated their birthdays!!! Taylor was 18 months and Maddison was 2 months! They're both getting to be so big.

Last night taylor was playing with an old cell phone and chris didn't recognize it. He kinda freaked a bit thinking she had someone's phone. He said "Taylor! Where'd you get that?" and she just looked up and real sweetly said "Booboo!" Booboo is the nickname for my little brother Avery! He had given her the phone to play with a few days before. :) It's crazy to me how much she understands now.

Before we put the girls to bed last night, they were playing together. Taylor would cover maddie up with a blanket and maddie would start cooing and gooing and laughing. Maddie loves when her sister plays with her, and Taylor gets a kick out of being a Big Sister! It's so funny.

I had my first etsy sale yesterday! GO ME! I was so excited. I used the $ I made to go buy some new yarn to make some more of my teddy bear beanies! I needed to take pictures to put them in my shop online, and so I'm using Maddie as my model. Who could resist buying this cute little hat when they see my gorgeous baby wearing it?

She knows when I've got the camera out already, and she hams it up!

Taylor has her daddy's hair! And along with that comes THE WORST BED HEAD EVER!

And lastly... I am no longer a woman! Nope. According the Salvation Army... I'm a MAN! So I guess y'all can call me MR. Keaven Neely from now on. Poor Chris. I should probably let him know huh?


  1. I always knew you were a man deep down inside. Deep.....


  2. 90% of the junk mail I get comes to Mr. Lee Bay..... I feel your pain.


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