Friday, November 7, 2008

Christmas at the BEECH!

Tomorrow I will be RE attempting to do the whole craft show thing... I'm excited, but not getting my hopes too high. The last one was a BUST! So we'll see how tomorrow goes.

For anyone interested in coming... Here's website with Details!

Also, I french braided Taylor's hair for the first time today. How cute is this???
I only did it half way back, then braided the left overs... I loved it. I had a woman tell me that it'll straighten her hair if I keep braiding it like that though!?! I've never heard of that before. Oh well... I liked it, and it kept it out of her face... and it didn't just fall out (like her pony tails do.) It even made it through nap time!!! Like I said, I love it.

And I haven't posted my "Grateful" List lately, so here's some more

I'm grateful...
That I have my own computer
That I have my own car
For my new Camera
For the quiet (cause everyone but me is sleeping... wait... chris is still up... MAN! He's quiet!)
For my little girl crying everytime I leave her at home (It breaks my heart, but makes me feel good at the same time... She loves me!)
That I seem to have a magic touch with our kids... sometimes chris has, sometimes I have it.
For A warm cozy bed to jump in as it's getting colder at nights.
That i have my girls in the room with me. Yes, It sucks sometimes, cause we all lose sleep... but at the same time, it's nice that they're so close!
That my husband is so cute! Everytime I look at him, I feel so lucky that he's mine.
That I'm actually getting tired, so I'm going to bed now.

Be on the look out this weekend for pictures of my "CRAFT BOOTH!"

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