Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Been

a good 24 hours!

I'll start with my favorite part... Chris's x-box has the RING OF DEATH! We were expecting to spend a pretty penny on getting it fixed. So, for the past few months, Chris's dead x-box has been sitting there, waiting til we have the extra money to resurrect it! Thanks to mwah, some extra money came in and so I decided it was time to get that x-box alive again (just in time for christmas... so games will be an option for gifts.) So I called to schedule the repair and such. I was informed that our Waranty ran out last November, but x-box has extended the warranty to 3 years for the RING OF DEATH! So the repair will be (da da da duh!) FREE! Here's where my little story really starts to get good - for me! Since I had this extra wad of dough that wasn't going to be used for anything else (other than maybe saving it or making a bigger payment on a credit card) I decided I needed a new camera! I used to have this totally cute little Kodak Easyshare camera that chris got me for our first christmas. I loved it, but unfortunately, It broke right after taylor was born. I do have a Digital SLR... but let me tell you what... that thing is HUGE and HEAVY. Not ideal for whipping out a camera to take pictures of the kids. This problem was why there were no Halloween pictures. It was just too big to carry around... And other people feel uncomfortable using it, so there are NO pictures of me and my girls really. (thus is the life of a photographer.)

But last night I went out SHOPPING. And I bought me a nice, little, but still with enough options to keep me busy camera! I love it. I've already almost worn the batteries down.

Another exciting thing - I had my After baby check-up today. I'm guessing everything looks good. My weight isn't where I would like it, but I'm sure it won't be until well after christmas! (on a side note, I quit walking, but not on purpose... I just changed routine and that kinda fell off my routine. I need to pick it back up though.) I talked to my great Dr. about Birth Control! She gave me the same pill I got pregnant with Maddie on! But that's only temporary. In 5 weeks I can get MIRENA! (sorry to any guys reading this... you may skip ahead if you'd like!) I have to wait til the 12 week anniversary of my c-section.

But I'm so excited. It'll be great to NOT be able to get pregnant. To NOT worry about. To have a break! And in about 4 years... I'll have it taken out and Poof... Have another baby. Is it weird to be this excited about birth control? I guess it's just what two babies in less than a year and a half will do to you!

Speaking of my two girls... here's some random pictures of them!

Okay, so they're mostly of Maddie... But I just loved her smiles in those pictures. And one last little thing... I really don't think they look all that much alike anymore. Everyone keeps telling me they look JUST ALIKE. I don't see it. Any other mom's have this happen? Is it just cause I see them both all day long every day that I don't see it? Oh well... Anyways.
Til next time!


  1. It's a mom thing. To me, they are obviously sisters, but not identical. I don't think either of my kids look like either of us ro each other but get told Andy is like me and Kevin is like Doug. I don't see it.

  2. super cute!!!!!!!!!! You can tell they are sister but they have there own little looks =)

  3. Keaven, CUTE girls! We have a blog too, but it's private. you can shoot me an email and I can send you an invite if you are interested. ericassnow (at) gmail.


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