Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Discount on Disney on Ice

Okay, so I found an even better deal... Here's what you do... order your tickets online at www.ticketmaster.com Type in VALPAK in the promotion code area. Your tickets will be $10 a piece instead of $22. Hope that helps!

As a YMCA of Middle TN employee, I get a nice discount on tickets. They're only $13 for any priced tickets. We also have a coupon for $10... wonder if we can combine these! $3 tickets would be nice. Anyways... I was going to say for anyone who would be interested in going, I can get tickets. Let me know if you'd like some!

I have to order the tickets by TOMORROW... so let me know!


  1. Also, if any one has a happenings book or Entertainment book (sold by schools for fundraisers) they have 1/2 discount tickets for up to 8 people! (At least in our area) Check 'em out! We were able to go in March for about $6/per person. Awesome deal!

  2. I want some! 3 tickets will be great if you can get them. Let me know

  3. Hey can you give me a call 615-336-1977 I have a question about the coupon and the tickets.


  4. You and the girls will love this! I took my three to Disney on Ice a few years ago (someone gave us free tickets, otherwise I would not have even thought twice about taking the girls to such a thing). It was incredible. One of the best things we have ever done, and the girls still talk about it to this day. The show is amazing - and I was as entertained as the kids. I would definately recommend it and go again whenever it comes out my way.
    dani =)


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