Friday, September 4, 2009

My fun little family

We love to laugh in our family (all of them, both sides!) and we do it ALOT! Here's some funny little things I've laughed at lately...

The other day I was getting ready in the bathroom with the girls. Maddie was babbling away and I thought I heard her say "Thank You." I just kinda looked at her astonished and Taylor said, "You're welcome!"

Today Taylor (who is usually TERRIFIED of the vaccum) walked up to it and said, "Oh, Hi baccum! Whatcha doing?" (This is even more funny if you know she follows her grandma and grandpa around ALL day long asking this... and they had just left for memphis! Who else was she supposed to ask?)

Taylor does this weird little fake laugh all the time. Earlier today she started doing her creepy little fake laugh, and started slapping her knee while she did it. I have NO idea where she got this from, but I about peed my pants laughing so hard. (Maybe it came from chelsea... I think she may do this!) Anyways, I've got my camera handy for the next time she does it.

We LOVE the Kings of Leon! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I listen to them ALL the time in the car... In fact, I haven't really listened to much else in the past year (since we went to their concert last october!) Taylor AND Maddie can now sing their songs. Taylor has been walking around the past two days singings "Yo-oh-oh, You're text is on fire!" No, those aren't the right lyrics, but we'll let her think they are. And she can also sing "Use somebody"... Maddie can sing this one too... the "Wo-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh"'s. We were all in the car one day thinking it was taylor singing, but nope... it was maddie... and she was on key too! My talented little girls :) Oh, taylor also sings crawl, four kicks, day old blues, charmer, and a few other ones. It's so funny... maybe I'll get videos of it and post.

Anyways, I love how funny my girls are. They get it from their daddy... and their grandparents, and all their aunts and uncles. I love that we all love to laugh! And I love laughing at my girls. They're the best!


  1. oh yeah.. and there is no way they get it from yooouuuu

  2. We love being a part of your funny family

  3. We love being a part of your funny family


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