Saturday, September 5, 2009

random pics

My awesome friend Tayna took a pic like this and I've been jealous since I saw it. I had to borrow some stilettos from Cayce, and they're too big, but I still like it!
I straightened Taylor's Hair! And she's got her UT cheerleading outfit on! GO VOLS!!!

Taylor's Hair!
Taylor and Crap-pa!
(She misses you grandpa!)
Maddie had M&M's on the way home from K-Roger.
Chocolate is like magic for my girls. It can cure ANYTHING!
Which is funny, Cause I don't care for it... usually.
Me and Maddie and Taylor went to Steak & Shake with some good friends of ours (Lynne, Sarah, and Mitch - it was fun to see y'all!) and Maddie wore this hat for like 10 minutes! Too cute.

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