Thursday, September 24, 2009

Maddie's First Birthday

Her actual birthday... The girls had ice cream for breakfast. I put chocolate rice krispies on it to try to justify it. It's like cereal and milk, right?

The girls LOVE taking baths together... they're always playing.
In her first outfit... so... it's a super sweet dress, but i wanted something more fun.
So this is what she wore... I also snapped this picture at 9:17am... Exactly one year old... to the minute!
This is a blurry pic, but I love those smiles
Passed out in the car on the way to have lunch with dad.
Taylor's excited to have lunch with dad
Maddie's Birthday cup cake that me and Taylor made
She had like 5 of them!!!!
Trying to touch the candle... didn't want to blow it out... just play with it.
Yum... Chocolate.
Shoveing it in.
At her birthday Party

I LOVE this picture. She's so sweet.
I think this is too funny... same face... 20 years apart.
Opening gifts
She enjoyed ripping the paper
she LOVES shoes
new clothes... thanks leeann
reading her cards
the deco and everyone... almost
her M&M cake (the M's for Madison!)
blowing out the candle on HER cake
Maddie, showing that cake who's boss!
Her party wore her out!
It was a great party. Thank you everyone for your wonderful gifts and for coming to celebrate maddie with, and for all the birthday wishes from everyone. We appreciate it.
I'll be posting more up soon about what she's doing now. I've also got tons of random pics and such to post. one day...


  1. I can't believe she's already one! Maddie is adorable and I LOVE her cake! The m&m cake was so cute. Did you make it?

  2. Yeah I made it... just made two round cakes, put em on top of each other, frosted it with chocolate and added the m&m's... i did lay out the M before though, so I could get it right. It looked awesome... especially the night before... but I put it in the fridge. It made the green candy coating all wierd. So if you try to do an m&m cake (it was delicious too) don't put it in the fridge!

  3. I'm so sorry we missed it! Her cake is AWESOME!!!! She's growing up and I'm missing it...a bit sad. Can't wait to kiss her face off...soon! Thanks for posting these!


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