Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Latest Project: Quilting

There is TONS going on right now. Personal and church and work... But for some reason I still am finding the need to tackle a new project.

Here's how it started:

I had saved the baby bedding I used on the crib for both Taylor and Maddie. I didn't know what exactly I wanted to do with it. It really cute (Green Elephant Amy Coe bedding.) It will be so long before we have more kids that I didn't really want to keep it and use it again... but I didn't want to get rid of it either.

So I decided to make a quilt out of all of it. I had 3 sheets, 1 duvet cover for the comforter, the bed skirt, the bumper, and 3 flannel blankets that matched. I decided I had enough material without the flannel blankets so I decided not to use them.

I finally decided to start on this project today. It'll be an extremely simple quilt. I'll cut all the fabric into 5x5 squares I think. Then just piece it all together. This will be my first real quilt. Today, I started out by taking apart all the pieces. I took the elastic out of the sheets. I'm going to cut the corners and lay it out flat... ironing it and then cutting out the squares. I cut apart the duvet cover and will also iron it and cut out squares. The bed skirt was green in the center with stripped fabric around, so I cut those apart. That's as far as I've gotten so far. I'm not sure at this point if I"ll use the bumper or not. I'm going to see how much fabric I have so far. It is alot already. But I also forgot to mention that I'm actually making 2 quilts. One for each girl. When I'm done with the quilts, I'll take them and have their names and maybe their birthdays embroidered on them.

Ok... now back to the flannel blankets... These were just little rectangle pieces of flannel that matched the rest of the bedding. I decided while I was sitting here cutting that I wanted to make something with them also. I figured a rag quilt will be super easy, and a great place to practice before I actually do the other 2. So I've started cutting squares out of those flannel blankets too. The squares are 6x6, because that's what measurement worked best with the size of the blankets.

I actually folded the blankets in half with the wrong sides touching. That way, my squares are all ready to just sew around... From what I understand, all i do now is sew around the squares (1/2 inch seam), lay out the pieces in the pattern I want, sew into strips, sew strips together, then start cutting the edges of the flannel to help it fray.

If I had a sewing machine, I don't think it'd take more than an afternoon... but I don't have one (I'm asking for $$ instead of gifts for my birthday and christmas so I can save up for a nice one!) So I'm going to have to borrow one, or go to someone's house. Either way, I'm excited. I'll probably keep the rag quilt... unless It's big enough to make 2, then each girl can again have their own. I'm not sure... I'll figure it out when I piece it together.

sorry there are no pictures yet. I'll show you as I go along. I hope to have all these done by the end of the summer. Definitely the rag quilt by the end of the month. Quilting is completely new to me, and I'm learning as I go... so wish me luck. I'm a bit nervous. Will the girls like them if they turn out crooked? I hope so, but it's the thought that counts right?

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