Thursday, June 17, 2010

My First Rag Quilt: Part 2

Here is what I was talking about before about sewing one strip up and one strip down.This way when you hold it all together to sew it, there isn't just a HUGE bunch of fabric on one side... smart huh? Yup. If I hadn't read that tip, I'd have had all my fabric in one bunch.
Here's another tip... Make sure the top fold of fabric folds towards the sewing machine and the bottom fold away from the sewing machine. You have to watch it cause the sewing machine will push the fabric back and try to fold it over, the opposite way you want it to go. That's why you have the top row folds pointed towards the machine so you can fix it when it tries to do that. If it was the bottom row facing the machine, you'd have all sorts of fun trying to keep it straight.

(does any of this make sense?) Here's a pic
And here is the almost finished product. All the rows are sewn together. All that was left to do was to snip the edges. I went around about ever 1/2 inch and snipped.
All that's left for me to do now is wash it. Once that's done, I'll put the pic up. But I started on another project real fast... I'll post it next!

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